Cotton Rags Products

Cotton Rags Products

Cotton Rags/ Cleaning Cloth are regularly used for cleaning purpose. Recycled wiping cloth rags are the economical product for heavy-duty cleaning in various industries such as Engineering, Shipping, Oil Refining, Aviation, Construction, Automobiles, Glass manufacture and various others. They are super absorbent and available in variety of weights and quality.


Color T-Shirt

These rags are completely made from Used T Shirts. They are soft, low in lint, high in cotton content for maximum absorbency, ideally used in all industries and household usage, Ideal for all applications.


Color Cotton

These wiping Rags are cut and made from used bed sheets, Cotton shirts , low lint and light weight cotton, ideal for general purpose cleaning.


Color Fleece/Sweat Shirt

These rags made from heavier weight cotton material cut from sweatshirts and similar material, very soft and absorbent, good for heavy-duty applications and polishing.


Color Towel

These rags made from used towel & Bathrobe to clean the surfaces deeply which can’t be clean easily by other material because these rags are highly liquid absorbent.


White T-Shirt

These are cut from white cotton T-shirts, Very soft, Low in lint highly absorbent and can be used with solvent and chemicals.


White Cotton Rags

These are cut from white cotton shirts and bed sheets. Low in lint highly absorbent and can be used with solvent and chemicals.


Cotton Yarn\ Cotton Waste

Cotton Yarn is made from 100% cotton textile waste. it is ideal for cleaning machineries. These are soft and absorbent material which resists scratching.