Cotton Rags


Al Ahd is the well recognized manufacturer in Cotton Rags industry, staffing clients from almost 9 years. We manufacture all types of wiping rags, that start from low cost affordable general purpose wiping rags to high quality cleaning rags made from 100% cotton fully absorbent material meeting all international standards. We are also the prominent dealer in textiles waste that includes Hosiery clipping/knitting waste, Denim Clipping, cotton yarn waste and cotton fabric waste for distribution to industries globally for reprocessing.

Our manufacturing operations include sorting, cutting, packing and exporting recycled as well as new industrial wiping rags and textile waste.

We are producing quality recycled wiping Rags and new industrial cleaning rags for the Paint companies, oil and gas sector, shipyards, automobiles industry, work sites / Construction companies, metalworking, woodworking, electrical and transportation as well Garage and janitorial sector.

Since 2011, we are in this industry, and quality is the main focus for our company hence we take lot of care of all the products while processing starting right after procurement of raw material until final dispatch of our products to our clients

Our excellent service, quality products, and very competitive prices are the reasons we have been in business with leading companies since many years. We supply our products in U.A.E. market as well as we export overseas especially in GCC countries. We satisfy customers who trust us on our commitment, determination, and quality.

Our goal is to serve our customers with best possible effort in satisfying their needs. That’s why we continue to work in exploring the new products and to reach new marketplaces to serve the industries.

Cotton Rags Product

Cotton Rags/ Cleaning Cloth are regularly used for cleaning purpose. Recycled wiping cloth rags are the economical product for heavy-duty cleaning in various industries such as Engineering, Shipping, Oil Refining, Aviation, Construction, Automobiles, Glass manufacture and various others. They are super absorbent and available in variety of weights and quality.