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Al Ahd  Technical and Maintenance Services is Head Quartered in Sharjah formed by a group of industry professionals with extensive experience throughout the past years. We provide integrated facilities management services to the commercial and residential properties, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporate sectors, Governmental Establishments, Banking sectors, Hospitals, Factories, Industries, and Warehouses to help and maintain their asset values, enhance the life of the property, keep up the standards and protecting their dreams.

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We employ highly trained professional floor painting crews to accommodate your schedule, get the project done on time and under the guidance of our staff project managers.
Our large industrial painting company has specialized teams for correcting concrete repairs, installing mortar patching, fixing floor joints, installing seamless cove base, line stripping and applying high performance epoxy floor systems in Dubai, UAE.
An epoxy floor system can improve the image of your business, stimulate worker productivity, and help insure a safe work environment while adding value to your property.
The most important part of applying an epoxy floor system is to ensure proper surface preparation.
Our specialized painting teams will either shot blast or diamond grind your existing concrete floors to provide an adequate profile to assist in paint adhesion. These coatings will maintain their look and durability for years.

Floor Maintenance

The surface of the concrete to be prepared shall be sound, clean and uncontaminated. This preparation shall be such as to leave a sound exposed concrete surface free from dust, loose particles and any deleterious matter. If the concrete surface is defective or has laitance, it must be cut back to a sound base. Excess laitance deposits are best removed by light mechanical scrabbling, grinding or grit/captive blasting followed by vacuum cleaning to remove dust debris .Any blowholes, chipping or similar surface imperfections shall be repaired using EPOXY FILLER, a solvent free epoxy resin repair mortar.

Painting Services

Your home & work place is more than just a place to live. It’s where your memories are made and where your dreams come true. Your home is where your life happens – shouldn’t it look beautiful? At AL AHD Painters. Services, we believe that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful home. Painting is one of the least costly ways that can improve and change the overall appearance of your home. It protects your home from the ageing process, beautifies and gives it fabulous appeal, and increases your home’s value. It can make an older home look new again and make newer home stand out on your street. Services painters and decorators will help you create a perfect working or living environment. AL AHD Painters can assure you that you are opening your home to a trustworthy and reputable company. We pride ourselves on our strict hiring practices, safety record, and professionalism which set us apart from other painting contractors. You need to know when you bring someone to your home that that they can be trusted around your home, your family and your possessions.

False Ceiling &
Glass Partition

We specialize in creating and installing partitions that are the perfect way to create separation in your working environment. Our partitions can help you divide your shop in order to highlight different products and ranges, and we offer both straight and curved solutions that are made in a variety of different materials

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